Golden Apple Nomination

Do you have a teacher who has made an impact on your life or your child’s life? Do you have a teaching colleague whose style you admire? Nominate them for the Chamber of Commerce Golden Apple Award! Then, encourage others to do the same.

Nominations may be submitted by parents, faculty or administrators as well as by present or past students. Greater Lafayette Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce Council initiated this award in 1987 to recognize the most outstanding teachers in the area. Teachers of grades K-5 and 6-12 are honored during alternate years. Odd number years honor K-5 grade educators and even number years honor 6-12 grade educators.

Nominees must be non-administrative, fully licensed in Indiana and currently teaching  in Tippecanoe County. Classroom Observation will be required. Board certified educators of the GLASS pre-K program are also eligible for nomination.

Winners will receive a $1,000 stipend, a beautiful brass plaque and the honor of being a member of an elite group, “The Golden Apple Corps” - a group of past winners that continues to promote teaching excellence and positive interaction within the business community.

The winners are chosen by the Golden Apple Selection Committee, a committee that is comprised of professionals from the education and business communities.

So don’t delay...nominate a teacher today who has made a difference for you, your child or a peer!

Explain why you feel this teacher deserves this honor by describing the difference this educator has made in your life or the lives of his/her students.